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  Typical Arrangements    
  The following are examples of the type of work we might be asked to undertake

Improve your English
A four day intermediate course for those already familiar with the basic English language but keen to improve their skill and understanding and learn a little cross cultural skills. Ideally suited to the professional.
Course takes up to 12 students. (Prices are approximately £300 per student.)

What you’ll learn
Day 1.
Oral language and improving vocabulary, pronunciation and intonation.
Day 2
Written skills and how to improve them (with reference to some of the great English writers).
Day 3
Business English - what it means and how it is used. Understanding the English way of doing things and English management.
Day 4
Practical session followed by addressing individual weaknesses.


Relocating to the UK
A three day event for individual families relocating to the UK.This not only includes sessions on basic and intermediate language skills but answers to some of the other worries such as how to get about, shopping, medical help, schools and general advice on living in England. It includes a visit to an English family and a trip to a place of interest. The family will be accompanied and able to learn from direct experience whilst being supported and helped with language and all the other skills necessary. This is an ideal way to gain an insight into English life it is extremely valuable and a lot of fun.

Ideally suited to one family of up to 8 people although can be tailored to meet the needs of male or female executives who want to be effective as early as possible in their residency. (Prices are approximately £300 per student.)


Networking/Settling In
Re-locating to a new country can be stressful and daunting. Leaving behind a network of family and friends for new challenges can leave people feeling unsure of what to do next and feeling somewhat alone. Countless times clients have asked me: How can I make new friends in my area? There's nothing to do here. In my country, people are really open and friendly. Well don't despair, there's a solution to all this. After a brief consultation, we will find out what your interests and hobbies are and your travel arrangements. We will research your area and organise meetings, clubs and social gatherings for you to join.

We will endeavour to transform your social life so that you can settle into a new life with minimum stress and worry. The next time your friends and family visit you should be able to tell them about your new circle of friends and how your developing interests!


You’ll learn English language skills to make you more effective at work or a visit to England more enjoyable